You have worked on your book for countless hours and you are ready to take it to the next level. You want to make sure it says exactly what you want it to say, that it reads as beautifully on paper as it does in your head. You want to make sure your opening quotations have closing quotations, your subjects agree with your verbs, your past tense remains past tense, and any typos and errors disappear without a trace. You have brought your book so far, you have worked on it for hundreds and hundreds of hours; now you're ready for an editor's touch to help your book shine.

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Your book is essentially perfect. It has been written, edited, rewritten, and copyedited. You're ready to publish, but you need one final pair of fresh eyes to catch any small typos or grammatical errors that might remain.


Proofreading corrects typos, misspellings, capitalization, tense inconsistencies, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, sentence structure, and other grammar.


Your book is nearing the finish line! It has been written, edited, and rewritten, perhaps several times. It's pretty much there, it just needs some polish, and someone needs to make sure no major inconsistencies emerged in the rewriting.


Copyediting includes proofreading services as well as tracking internal consistency (to ensure names or hair colors don't change). It also includes light rewriting to clarify confusing sentences or tighten the language (i.e. removing overused words or redundant information, breaking down run-on sentences, etc.).



You wrote your first draft, had it edited, and rewrote it. The plot and structure is how you want it, but you'd like some support to improve the writing.


Line editing includes a close reading of the manuscript's language on a line by line basis to enhance the overall writing. It focuses on the words used, the order of the words, the tone, and the voice. It points out and improves any language that is bland, unclear, passive, tangential, or redundant. It notes inconsistencies small or large in the language, story details, and plot. Line editing tightens, clarifies, and polishes the language.

For all services I use the Track Changes function in Microsoft Word, and I prefer The Chicago Manual of Style as my stylistic guide. 

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Do you have a a blog post, an e-book, a children's book, an essay, a pamphlet, a legal brief, a Powerpoint presentation, or another short project on your plate? I would thoroughly enjoy helping you make your project perfect. Contact me with your details and I will respond promptly with a quote.


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Are you ready to self-publish your manuscript on Amazon? Contact me for formatting and CreateSpace help.

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