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Jamie Gifford

Bachelor's of Arts, English, 2009

Bachelor's of Arts, Spanish, 2009

University of Nevada, Las Vegas


I fell in love with reading around second and third grade, somewhere between R. L. Stine and Roald Dahl. I went to the library with my mom every three weeks and it was our special date. I loved it there, loved sharing space with so many books, so much possibility, so many stories and alternate worlds. The library became my safe haven, reading became my sanctuary, and books became some of my dearest companions. Later in my life, when I learned some people read books for a living, I knew I wanted to be one of them. An English degree, a couple odd jobs, a wonderful husband, and two toddlers later, I now work from home proofreading and editing books of all genres and for all ages. It is my passion and my calling.



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